Carson Stuff-It Go Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth 2 Pack

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WEIGHT 0.02 lbs
DIMENSIONS 1.5 in x 0.6 in x 2.1 in
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Super soft microfiber cleaning cloth that is housed inside of a protective neoprene pouch – Set of 5 | Each Set Includes: Black (2), Orange (1), Green (1) and Blue (1)
  • Contains a carabineer clip attached by a drawstring so users can easily attach it to keychains, backpacks, belt loops, bags and more
  • Safe, easy and effective way to clean all types of lenses, screens and glass surfaces | Microfiber Cloth Dimensions: 6. 25” x 6. 25”
  • To Use, simply pull the cloth out of the protective pouch. After you’re done using the cloth, simply use your fingers to stuff the cloth back into the pouch
  • Microfiber cloth is non-abrasive and will not scratch or damage surfaces in any way | Great cleaning cloth for smartphones, tablets, eyeglasses, cameras, optics and so much more.

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Carson Stuff-It Go™ Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth, SN-10 is a 2-pack lens cleaning system. It features a super-soft microfiber lens cloth housed inside a protective pouch. Simply pull the attached lens cloth out of the pouch to use. When not in use, stuff the lens cloth back into the pouch. The protective pouch will keep the cloth clean and dry so it will always be ready for use. The ultra-soft, tightly woven microfiber cloth wipes away smudges, fingerprints, dust and debris. The Stuff-It Go™ is super compact and extremely portable. Carry the Stuff-It Go™ with you at all times with this pack of two. You can easily fit one in your pocket and the other in your binocular case, or simply share one with a travel partner. The Stuff-It Go™ is ideal for cleaning any lenses; binoculars, telescopes, camera, smartphones, tablets, eyeglasses and more.

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