Carson LumiLoupe Plus 10.5x Power 1 Focusable Stand Loupe Magnifier

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MODEL NAME LumiLoupe™ Plus
WEIGHT 0.18 lbs
DIMENSIONS 3.0 in x 3.0 in x 2.0 in
  • 10.5x power magnification with dual lens focusing knob | Item Dimensions: 3.0-inch (L) x 3.0-inch (W) x 2.25-inch (H)
  • Contains dual lens element for higher magnification and less distortion | Lens Diameter: 1.0 inch
  • Great for examining intricate details for film negatives, coins, currency, stamps, printing, photography, miniatures, etc.
  • Focusing ability allows users to achieve a super sharp image at multiple distances

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The LO-10, LumiLoupe™ Plus is a 10.5x Power 1″ Focusable Stand Loupe Magnifier that makes the ordinary extraordinary. This magnifier reveals fine details in items you look at every day. Focusable dual lenses allow examination of objects close-up, while a transparent base permits ambient light to illuminate the subject for bright, clear viewing. The two lenses allow for more power and less distortion allowing for a sharp image at multiple distances.
* For best results bring your eye up close to the lens. Choose the LO-10, 10.5x loupe for larger items due to its wider viewing angle; coins, stamps, photography and miniatures.

From the manufacturer

About Us

Carson Optical was founded in 1990 by Richard Cameron. A former banker, disheartened with Wall Street, Cameron started in his mother’s Long Island basement importing and exporting a wide array of products between the US and Japan. The company’s first experience with optics came in 1991 when Cameron stumbled upon a unique Electronic Binocular that was manufactured by the now-defunct Copitar Japan. Cameron named his company “Copitar USA” and began cold-calling buyers at national retail chains and writers working for major media publications. Cameron quickly gained placement in mail-order catalogs that included The Sharper Image and Orvis. His public-relations efforts gained the company much-needed exposure in media outlets that included the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Popular Science.

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